Ep. 2, pt.1 – Tim Credeur & Josh Mancuso – Fightville & Dustin Poirier vs. The Korean Zombie

In this episode we talk to Tim Credeur and Josh Mancuso. Tim Credeur is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Rodrigo Medeiros, UFC alumni, TUF alumni, star of Fightville not to mention the head trainer of Dustin the Diamond Poirier, a top 10 Featherweight in the world.

We also talk to Josh Mancuso. Josh is a BJJ Brown Belt under Tim Credeur and will be cornering Dustin in his upcoming fight against the Zombie. Josh has traveled all over, training and learning from the best around and brings a lot of knowledge to the show and his school. If you have a chance to train with any of these guys, do it.
We talk Fightville, fights, IBJJF, life, and much more. Stay tuned for episode 2.

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LA Boxing – Baton Rouge
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One Response to “Ep. 2, pt.1 – Tim Credeur & Josh Mancuso – Fightville & Dustin Poirier vs. The Korean Zombie”

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